This is the website for autohaem, the open source design group for low cost automation of blood smears and stains.

We are proud to be members of the Center for Global Equality cultivator


University of Cambridge, UK

Core team

Samuel McDermott
Pietro Cicuta

Project students

Erez Li
Henry Dai
Jathavan Thevarajah
Joshua Abu
Check out their report on the project.

Jaehyeon Kim

Anna-Katerina Leledaki
Duncan Parry
Louis Lee
Check out their report on the project.


Lara Allen
Alexandre Kabla
Guilherme Nettesheim
Viola Introini

University of Bath, UK

Richard Bowman

Ifakara Health Institute, Tanzania

Catherine Mkindi

Development i-Teams

Aracely Castillo-Venzor
Iona Cuthbertson
Jenny Fan
Yuthika Pillai
Xinyu Wang
Marco Laub
Mentor: Bill Mathews
Program organiser: Amy Weatherup